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Telemetry Software

This Software gathers system information related to this machine, such as diagnostics, configurations, usage characteristics, performance, and deployment location (collectively, “System Data”), and it manages the collection and the exchange of the System Data with Dell Inc. or its applicable subsidiaries (together, “Dell”). By using the Software, Customer consents to Dell’s collection of machine characteristics and acknowledges that Dell will use the System Data transmitted to Dell via the Software as follows (“Permitted Purposes”):

  • Provide Customer with visibility to data center configuration and performance characteristics of the targeted host machine.
  • Utilize the System Data in connection with predictive analytics and usage intelligence to consult with and assist Customer, directly or through a reseller, to optimize Customer’s future planning activities and requirements.
  • “anonymize” (i.e., remove any reference to a specific Customer) and aggregate System Data with that from machines of other Customers and use such data to develop and improve products.

Customer may discontinue use of the Software at any time, in which case all the above activities will stop. The Software does not enable Dell or their service personnel to access, view, process, copy, modify, or handle Customer’s business data stored on or in this machine. System Data does not include personally identifiable data relating to any individuals.

This notice is not a contract or a modification to any agreement that Customer has with Dell or a reseller.