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Live Optics is free, online software you can use to collect, visualize and share data about your IT environment and workloads.

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Live Optics Personal Edition (Live Optics PE) is a platform to inventory physical and virtual servers without performance data. Live Optics PE is available to anyone at no charge and without need to register.

How It Works

no-registration No registration required. Download immediately.
offline No data is transmitted outside your network.

What You Get

inventory Inventory of Servers, Hypervisors,
VMs, Server & Cluster Disks, Custom Attributes and more
excel Local Excel output.
You may register at any time to upgrade and take advantage of the full benefits of Live Optics.


Server and Virtualization

Live inventory and performance insight of hosts and VMs regardless of platform or vendor


Rapid characterization of storage growth, files types, and predictive potential for archive, compression, or deduplication


Detailed break down at the hardware appliance level of configuration and performance

Data Protection

Insight to platform specific backup and protection cycles as well as the capacity being protected